Smart ACTIV5 Connected Device

Smart ACTIV5 Connected Device

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The Activ5 roller has 3 pressure sensors for measuring the number of kilos of force you are able to apply on its 2 sides. The more pressure you exert, the more kilos will be displayed on the Activ5 app.


The app therefore displays your muscle strength in kilograms and lets you participate in over 100 muscle-strengthening exercises based on isometrics, a concept also called core conditioning.


The aim of the exercises is to apply more or less pressure on the roller, using a point located on the screen, to follow a path made up of rising and falling phases, as precisely as possible.


Recommendations for use:

Whether you’re at the office, on a plane or on your sofa, simply connect your Activ5 roller to your smartphone and access over 100 muscle strengthening postures and exercises.




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