About Us

The Den Ultimate Gym - A Rich History


Being the first and only combat certified and fitness center, The Predator’s Den has established a strong name in the “Specialized Gym” sector in Jordan for the past 8 years. Our rich history carries with it a deep knowledge encompassing many forms of fitness systems with even deeper knowledge of martial arts.. Predator’s den successfully created a large base of loyal students who were seeking fitness alongside a healthy way of life. This, in turn, brought along the need for expansion in services provided catering for an even larger client base.

With health concerns around the world growing and the work hours increasing to make up for the losses incurred during the world wide shutdown, we created the affordable solution fit for everyone. 

For a price less than what most gyms offer for a year, the Den will let you own your own gym.



Total Gym

Bringing You The Best In The World


For 45 years Total Gym has shown excellence in home and professional gyms. Now they are available to you in our region.

With no need for much introductions, the ultimate machine in fitness will be delivered to your home, office or vacation home with a click of a button.